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Our Services for Business

Robert Braun, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Mitchell, LLP

Essergy helps socially and environmentally responsible businesses drive social change. Whether your business is large or small, in the startup stages or in the growth phase, Essergy can work with you to define, identify and achieve your business goals.

Our solution-focused approach offers creative insights to develop and implement a strategic plan that helps your business build a better world. With extensive knowledge of current startup and small business issues, and decades of experience in designing effective organizations, we offer experience-based, actionable advice that will transform your business.

Our small business consulting services include:

  • Project management

  • Social media advisory services

  • Strategic planning and analysis

  • Operations improvement

  • Disaster recovery/disaster planning

  • Federal contracts management

Clients Include

“It is a great pleasure working with Jill Dominguez, and I’ve learned a lot from her. Her expertise in identifying funding mechanisms has been crucial to Aspen Environmental Group on recent projects and contracts. She has a deep knowledge of ways to obtain funding for various types of projects from multiple sources. This helps provide a wide range of options to clients when thinking about planning, designing, and implementing their projects.“

Negar Vahidi
Senior Associate

Social Sciences Group Manager
Aspen Environmental Group

“There are very few people who do what Jill does, and far fewer who do it well. Jill has unique experience in blending the for-profit and non-profit worlds, and in particular the world of government grants, incubators, and partnership with governmental and quasi-governmental agencies at all levels. She is able to give practical advice based on her actual experience. Jill has provided tremendous value to my clients, achieving what seem like impossible results. Added to this, Jill is generous with her time and gifts, and has unquestioned integrity. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Jill and to bring my clients to her.”

Robert Braun

Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Mitchell, LLP, Attorneys at Law

“There are very few people who do what Jill Dominguez does, and far fewer who do it well.” -

Together, we can do great things. 
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Call:  (714) 421-6796


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