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Our Services for Governments

Essergy helps governments assess problems, identify innovative solutions and create lasting change in their communities. We conduct studies and create plans to assist governments with everything from infrastructure and economic development to disaster recovery and resiliency planning. We help low-income and economically distressed communities generate wealth and reduce poverty by creating business environments that attract private capital investment and living wage jobs.

With decades of community development experience and extensive professional contacts, Essergy’s CEO Jill Dominguez is uniquely skilled at bringing together public and private sources to finance complex projects. She has raised more than $100 million in capital and investments for under-served communities, base closure communities and disaster recovery areas across the United States. She specializes in United States Dept. of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) investment grants.

Clients Include
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U.S. Economic Development Administration

“The program provided by the City of Santa Ana and Essergy Consulting has greatly surpassed our hopes and expectations. Our initial goal was to get outside, professional insight into our finances, but we quickly grew to realize that this project was going to fundamentally change our organization's entire thought process and purpose. In the short time we have been working together, we have begun a transformation that is redefining our core business ideals and strategic direction, ultimately resulting in a substantial effect on our long-term sustainability.”

--Client A

“Working with [Essergy] over the last several months has been eye-opening and efficient. [Essergy] took the lead in the project to help my company grow our business and workforce here in Santa Ana; it has proved to be a great experience. I especially appreciate their creative thinking and new insights.”

--Client B

“When we [first] met [with Essergy] . . . our small family business was in serious need of a marketing strategy and improved communication lines. In the months that followed, our meetings with [Essergy gave] us the professional direction and model that we were lacking. Your encouragement and sage advice are greatly appreciated! Although we are not yet flying, our wings are visibly stronger and we’re stretching them out regularly, according to schedule. We’re doing our homework and looking forward to our next meeting.”

--Client E

“We get calls from consultants every month. We ignore them all. What made this different was that the invitation came from the City, and they endorsed Essergy's work. I can see why. The first interview was intense. More important, when they walked through my shop, they saw things I did not and opportunities I did not. I believe they will help me to increase my business dramatically.”

--Client I

“The program provided by the City of Santa Ana and Essergy Consulting has greatly surpassed our hopes and expectations.”

Together, we can do great things. 
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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