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"Jill is a consummate professional specializing in disaster recovery and resilience. Her expertise is broad, having worked in leadership roles in recovery from the worst disasters on record, from Katrina to recent fires in California. If you want real-life, practical solutions delivered with substance rather than hype, Jill is your go-to professional. She certainly is mine. "

David A. Dodd, CEcD/FM

President and CEO

International Sustainable 

Resilience Center, Inc.


“It is a great pleasure working with Jill Dominguez, and I’ve learned a lot from her. Her expertise in identifying funding mechanisms has been crucial to Aspen Environmental Group on recent projects and contracts. She has a deep knowledge of ways to obtain funding for various types of projects from multiple sources. This helps provide a wide range of options to clients when thinking about planning, designing, and implementing their projects. “

Negar Vahidi
Senior Associate

Social Sciences Group Manager
Aspen Environmental Group


“There are very few people who do what Jill does, and far fewer who do it well. Jill has unique experience in blending the for-profit and non-profit worlds, and in particular the world of government grants, incubators, and partnership with governmental and quasi-governmental agencies at all levels. She is able to give practical advice based on her actual experience. Jill has provided tremendous value to my clients, achieving what seem like impossible results. Added to this, Jill is generous with her time and gifts, and has unquestioned integrity. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Jill and to bring my clients to her.”

Robert Braun

Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Mitchell, LLP, Attorneys at Law


“We have with worked with Essergy principals and consultants on several projects related to workforce development and small businesses. Essergy has consistently demonstrated its extensive knowledge of the issues and current needs of this specific area. We have found the entire Essergy staff to be top‐level consultants capable of consistently delivering projects
according to the agreed upon schedules and budgets.”

Ken Dozier
Executive Director

USC Vertibi School of Engineering
Western Research Application Center/Engineering Technology Transfer Center

calif space education.jpg

“The California Space Education Workforce Initiative (CSEWI), a wholly owned non-profit for the California Space Authority, has been working with Essergy Consulting for two years. We are not simply satisfied with their work; we hold them in the highest esteem. Our project, a business and ‘edutainment’ park complex on 71 acres of Vandenberg Air Force Base, will create 1,500 jobs over 10 years in an area of very high unemployment. Essergy helped us secure a substantial grant with the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration. They helped guide us through the pre-development phase, using their own staff and extensive professional contacts. They are supporting other areas of economic development and public/private financing. We expect to employ them for years to come.”

Janice Bellucci
General Counsel

California Space Authority/California Space Education Workforce Initiative


“Jill Dominguez is a strong, positive force for social change! As the Executive Director of a national nonprofit, I have had the good fortune to work with Jill on several projects. Her vast experience with strategic planning, organizational operations, fundraising and non-profit management has had an immeasurable impact on us! We are profoundly grateful for Jill and
her solution-focused approach.”

Angela Rose
Founder and Executive Director

Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE)

city of santa ana.jpg

City of Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Where Business Succeeds Program

The City of Santa Ana created a business consulting collaborative with Essergy Consulting to provide no-cost business assistance for small local Santa Ana businesses experiencing negative or flat growth. The ultimate goal: equip these companies with the strategies to grow their businesses while retaining and creating jobs.

The collaboration exceeded expectations.


The City of Santa Ana focused efforts on supporting the established businesses who have long called Santa Ana home, working to keep existing jobs here while bringing more quality jobs in. At a time where many businesses faced the threat of laying off workers and shutting doors, dozens of Santa Ana companies hired more people, saw more growth, and
injected more revenue into the local economy.

  • At the end of six months, participating businesses retained upwards of 32 jobs and created 24 new jobs.

  • Over the following six months, participating businesses are projected to save another 45 jobs and create another 43 new jobs.

  • With a weighted average retained job salary increase of $33,500, the City of Santa Ana experienced an economic stimulus.

  • Participating companies saw a dramatic increase in growth, with a 17% to 18% percent jump in revenue and a 17% boost in profits on average.

“The program provided by the City of Santa Ana and Essergy Consulting has greatly surpassed our hopes and expectations. Our initial goal was to get outside, professional insight into our finances, but we quickly grew to realize that this project was going to fundamentally change our organization's entire thought process and purpose. In the short time we have been working together, we have begun a transformation that is redefining our core business ideals and strategic direction, ultimately resulting in a substantial effect on our long-term sustainability.”

--Client A

“Working with [Essergy] over the last several months has been eye-opening and efficient. [Essergy] took the lead in the project to help my company grow our business and workforce here in Santa Ana; it has proved to be a great experience. I especially
appreciate their creative thinking and new insights.”

--Client B

“When we [first] met [with Essergy] . . . our small family business was in serious need of a marketing strategy and improved communication lines. In the months that followed, our meetings with [Essergy gave] us the professional direction and model that we were lacking. Your encouragement and sage advice are greatly appreciated! Although we are not yet flying, our wings are visibly stronger and we’re stretching them out regularly, according to schedule. We’re doing our homework and looking forward to our next meeting.”

--Client E

“We get calls from consultants every month. We ignore them all. What made this different was that the invitation came from the City, and they endorsed Essergy's work. I can see why. The first interview was intense. More important, when they walked
through my shop, they saw things I did not and opportunities I did not. I believe they will help me to increase my business dramatically.”

--Client I

Together, we can do great things. 
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Call:  (714) 421-6796

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