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Essergy Reaches $1MM Milestone in Fundraising for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

The issues of #sexualassault and harassment have dominated the headlines since the launch of the #metoo movement and the high profile celebrity cases. Essergy has been on the front lines working with our clients to raise funds, set up new nonprofits, create strategies with existing #nonprofits as well as starting new initiatives. We are very proud to announce we have raised over $1Million dollars for our clients to assist and advocate for survivors.

Essergy has worked with our clients to raise funds from diverse sources including private donors, federal grants, local government grants, branches of the armed services, donor advised funds and foundations.

Essergy has over 25 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations to transform good intentions into real results. We assess your needs, define your goals, create strategic plans and write grants to help your organization develop #sustainable longevity so you can maximize your social impact. At Essergy, we are passionate about our mission: helping socially and environmentally responsible organizations drive social change to build a better world.

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